Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pantsless On A Warm Winter Day! [MOMLIFE]

Today was one of those days that I was so glad to be where I am. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, which always uplifts my spirit. I realized I'm one of those people that are actually ok with not having cold weather or snow for xmas, and good with white xmas' for the movies.

Considering it was so warm-- me in a tee shirt-- I kept the baby's pants off in the afternoon after I changed her. It's a rare treat and the freedom of no pants, I imagine are liberating for her tiny but growing legs. 

In several of these photos, you can also see her love of play (especially fist-punch, or hand coordination) is still strong and likely growing. From a daily perspective, it's amazing to watch her development. You'd think seeing her on a daily basis I might not notice but each day now there's just so much growth it's hard not to. 

Adventure. Love. Lottery. I truly hit the jackpot. xo

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