Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sharing The Legacy Pillow [MOMLIFE]

You see that pillow next to Nui Nui? It's a throw pillow-- Nui Nui's first pillow before moving on up into this bigger bed and bigger (adult-sized) pillow, which we got for her a while ago from Ikea but which she refused to use (because she was so attached to her first pillow).

Last night, we had this conversation:

Nui Nui [points to small pillow next to her]: Mama, who's pillow is this? 
Me: That's your pillow.
Nui Nui: [points to big pillow she's lying on]: And who's this pillow?
Me: That's your pillow. I got it for you a long time ago but you never wanted to use it.
Nui Nui: Mama, I like my new pillow because it's squishy. Mama, where's baby's pillow? 
Me: She doesn't have one. 
Nui Nui: How come baby doesn't use a pillow?
Me: Um, because she doesn't need one. She's too little. See, baby's head is...
Nui Nui: Mama, wait! I have an idea! Maybe I can give this pillow [points to small one next to her] to baby because she doesn't have one and I have this one that's squishy.
Me: Great idea!
Nui Nui: Because sharing is caring, right?

She is SO very right. xo

Our nighttime routine now includes baby. Baby comes to the bathroom with us as we brush teeth. And then she joins me in tucking in Nui Nui, giving her an ugga mugga (nose rub), sometimes a hug, and always a goodnight. Nui Nui makes sure baby does not forget to say goodnight. :>

Nui Nui is for it all. I, even more so :> xo

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